The Journey of the snowbound wayfarer, Pan. [Tracking the tag: themountainsong ]

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ooc: Quick thing for Wayback Wednesday. Pan’s Ancestor was very much not like Pan was. He was a lazy, bratty little s.ob. Still debating what he was, though. Heh.


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People Pan secretly admires from afar.

:: Ah! Good evening, spindly friend! ::

:: I must admit I am surprised to see you here so suddenly. But not to worry, I am most certain I can accomodate you with warm tea and - ::

:: … S-Spindly friend? ::

:: …oh dear… ::




:: Good evening, friends::



(( Ask away~! 8D ))

☠ ☮

☠: Drinking Headcanon

Though Pan hasn’t had much in his lifetime, I think Pan’s a heavyweight as far as drinking goes. He can handle quite a bit before he’s inebriated. When he reaches that point, he gets really giddy and affectionate. Singing off key, invading personal spaces, and all that fun stuff. So you better watch out if you go drinking with him. Because odds are, he’ll grab your butt by the end of it all.

☮: Random Headcanon

Pan’s voice is completely opposite of his appearance and personality. He’s very sweet and effeminate, with generally soft spoken demeanor (though that’s debatable at the moment, since he’s being overwhelmed by a lot of things)… But his voice is very masculine and can reach an impressively low pitch. In fact, this guy’s voice is my headcanon voice for him.

☮: Random Headcanon

☮: Random Headcanon

Pan eats his food very slowly. He takes small bites and often glances down and observes whatever it is he’s eating. Being up on the mountain didn’t offer much variety in food, which means most things are brand new to him! So he can’t help himself.


♤: ’Dislike’ Headcanon:

Pan immensely dislikes water. He is a prissy cat when it comes to the stuff. Snow he can handle, but straight h2o is not his thing. He will yowl, claw to get away from it, and so on. He basically has to be bribed or manhandled into taking baths.

⋆: Sex Headcanon

Pan is completely dominant in bed. And insatiable. End of story.

☾: Sleep Headcanon

He can sleep anywhere he wants to. And he’s one of those who falls asleep almost instantaneously. He’s perfected the art of the years.

Headcanons Go~

☾: Sleep Headcanon
☠: Drinking Headcanon
♒: Phobia Headcanon
⋆: Sex Headcanon
☮: Random Headcanon
☻: 'Like' headcanon
♤: 'Dislike' Headcanon
☯: Pet Peeve Headcanon
☄: Weather Headcanon
☼: Cooking Headcanon
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